For most people, massage therapy can help a great deal in feeling better and achieving better range of motion throughout your entire body. Massage has been around for thousands of years as a healing practice. It is common knowledge that massage "feels good” and relaxes the body. It is my goal to help you understand the other physiological benefits of massage.


Why Massage? Massage helps your body get rid of wastes that have been sitting around inside you. The kneading and flowing strokes of massage therapy have this purpose. There are also tender points on your body that need special attention. These are mainly points that have not had sufficient blood flow. Massage friction strokes and light stretching help the body get the blood and nutrients to those tender areas and begin the healing process. The blood flow patterns in the body during massage aid in waste removal.

60 minute sessions begin at $80 at your home or office.

Additional costs apply depending on location and time of the session.

Massage therapy is a talent I offer my clients . Although my time is limited, I do make appointments for clients nearby in the Tampa Bay Area and Miami. I specialize in working with athletes and sports enthusiasts that place high demands on their bodies. Of course a great relaxing massage is always a good idea.

Occasionally clients will hire me for group events such as weddings or showers. Under the right circumstances, I will travel outside of the immediate area. It is very rewarding work for me as a therapist and my clients benefit from the friendship and body work. 


If you're in the Tampa Bay, Lutz, or Odessa area and would like massage therapy work, just send me an email and I'll do my best to fit you in. I do also travel to the Miami area several times per month.

Note of Caution: Please consult your primary care physician before receiving a massage or personal training session. Take care especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Some examples of contraindications for massage and intense exercises are severe high blood pressure, kidney or heart abnormalities, phlebitis, severe varicose veins, embolus, HIV ( especially with open sores), osteoporosis, severe scoliosis, First trimester of pregnancy, Psychosis, liver or kidney problems, recent fever, and any other conditions which you may feel unsure about. (see Contraindications list HERE)

Massage sessions are non-sexual. Please do not contact me with ulterior motives or bad intentions.

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