On-site massage does not require a private room and can be offered in a conference or work room or at the workstation. I will use a special ergonomically designed chair and work within your office or event setting.

The number of businesses that are utilizing on-site chair massage as part of their employee benefits and/or wellness programs is growing rapidly.  Employers have found massage to be a cost-effective benefit, the cost of which employees are oftentimes willing to share.

Occasions for On-site Massage Services

  •  Employee Appreciation Events

  •  Corporate Wellness Programs / Employee Benefits

  •  Team Celebrations and Rewards

  •  Company Events and Off-sites

  •  Golf Outings

  •  Convention Chair Massage and Meeting Breaks

  •  A Healthy Alternative for Holiday Parties

  •  Client or Vendor Appreciation

  •  Trade Show Traffic Builder

Chair Massage can also be very effective at corporate events such as trade shows where you may have a booth set up to attract new leads. Think of all the attention your display will get when word gets around that your area has "free back rubs". The ROI should definitely be in your favor.